Preview of “The Cursed”

Hey y’all,

Here is a preview of the short story that will be posted on Friday April 21, 2017. I hope you enjoy the preview! Like always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments section. I’d love to know what you think!


The Cursed (Preview)

Adella’s love for him was deeper than any ocean and Kai felt the same about her, but their love was forbidden. You see, Adella is the daughter of Erwyn, King of the Black sea, while Kai is the son of Triton, King of the Aegean Sea. The two kings have been at war since the death of King Triton’s wife, Amphitrite.

The story goes back to when Erwyn and Triton were young.  Erwyn was in deeply love with Amphitrite long before she ever met Triton and he believed with every fiber of his being that she felt the same. But nothing’s perfect. The problem was that Amphitrite’s father, Casper, hated Erwyn with a passion. Casper thought Erwyn could never be a true King as he was not born a merman, but rather was turned into one after the God’s took pity on him while he was lost at sea and close to death. Erwyn worked diligently to win Casper’s approval but, unfortunately, he could not succeed. When Erwyn realized he didn’t stand a chance on his own, he set out to find the most valued treasure in all the seas: The Aquamarine stone. He searched high and low across all the vast oceans and once he finally found the dark cavern where it was located he fought sea monster after horrible sea monster to get to it. He didn’t mind. It was all worth it for his beautiful love, Amphitrite.

Erwyn genuinely thought that this grand act would win the approval of Casper to marry his daughter, but upon returning home, Amphitrite had married another: Triton.

The Aquamarine stone wasn’t enough to win her back so Erwyn gave it to her as a wedding gift, a token said to give good fortune and fertility to the one who wears it. Then he swam back to the Black Sea and never returned until the birth of Adella, daughter of King Triton and Queen Amphitrite. Royalty from all the oceans came to celebrate the little princess. However, things took a turn for the worse when Princess Adella died.

King Triton and Queen Amphitrite were devastated at the loss of their only child. Royal members stayed to help Triton and Amphitrite plan the funeral, but as time went on, Amphitrite could not bear to live without her daughter. She had heard that the Aquamarine stone could transfer life from one to another as long as one was willing to sacrifice themselves out of love. That’s what she did. She gave her life for her daughters. When Triton found Amphitrite, she was lying on the ocean floor holding a live Princess Adella and three letters etched in Squid ink addressed to Princess Adella, King Triton, and King Erwyn.

King Triton never told anyone of Amphitrite’s letter to Erwyn and tried to destroy it with his trident, but the one thing that King Triton’s trident can’t destroy is anything made with love. Her letter to Erwyn was laced in her love for him, so King Triton hid it inside his trident.

Triton blamed Erwyn for Amphitrite’s death saying that if it weren’t for his wedding gift, she would still be alive. Erwyn blamed himself, too, for a while, but then came to hate Triton for stealing her away in the first place. Erwyn never truly believed she stopped loving him just because she married Triton, but he would not have stood in the way of her happiness. So, for seventeen long years, King Triton and King Erwyn have waged war after war against one another in retaliation for the loss of their love. That’s where our story begins.

(End of Preview)

If you’d like to read the rest of this story, following is the easiest way! Again, The Cursed will be posted in its entirety this Friday!

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