Writing Contest Reminder!

Hey guys!

I wanted to take the time to let you know that if you are competing in the FREE summer writing contest, your submissions are due July 9! That’s next Monday!

Word limit – 1500 words or less.

Entry fee – Absolutely nothing. It’s FREE!

Prize – 1st place: $20 and featured on kwriley.com

2nd place: $10 and featured on kwriley.com

Everyone who enters will recieve feedback on their stories.

Submissions due: July 9, 2018

How it will work:

You write a story within the wordcount (not a word more) in response to the prompt and link this post either at the beginning or ending of your short story. You will also need to add a short bio of yourself so that our readers can get to know you better. You can include any social media or contact information in your bio (I will simply copy and paste your submition). Easy peasy lemon squeezy. *If you are having trouble linking this post, just send me a message or comment down below and I will help you ASAP.

*By participating in this contest, you agree to allow me to feature you/your work on my site. I will also add a link to the story on your site along with a short bio of you. While I will feature you on my site, you will retain all rights to the story and can publish it where ever, whenever you like.

With all that being said, I want to remind you all that while this is a competition, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t win. My goal in creating this competition is to allow you a chance to stretch those story-telling muscles and write something new, as well as give myself a chance to work on providing feedback. Since this is completely free for you, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Without further ado, here is the prompt for the writing contest:

Butterfly Effect

So, interpret that however you may. It can be literal or figurative. Be creative and write to your heart’s content! I am excitedly looking forward to reading all of your submissions.

Writing contest checklist:

  • Write a short story 1500 words or less in response to the prompt.
  • Include a link to this post and a short bio of yourself. You may include an image of yourself to go along with your bio.
  • Submissions are due by July 9, 2018. This means that you need to schedule your post with all of the required elements on or before this day! Then, please comment on this post a link to your submission. I will like your post to let you know that I’ve recieved your submission.
  • Winners will be announced on July 30, 2018 and I will send your prize shortly after!

** If you’d like to be super creative and create an image or bookcover-type thing, canva.com is amazing and ranges from free to cheap. I used this site to create my featured image on this post. If you decide to do this, you can include it in your submission. This will not affect your chances of winning in any way and is totally optional.


3 thoughts on “Writing Contest Reminder!

  1. Bio: A young lawyer aged 18. My interest in writing stories was formed by my personal problems which i intended narrating to others but could not due to the lack of interest displayed by others. I really wanted to let it out so i began writing stories. As time went on,my imaginations ran wild and i began to write fictions. At age 16,i started blogging but my education got in the way so i placed it on hold for sometime until when i turned 17. From then on,i have written a lot of stories but non has been published. I aspire to reach out to a lot of people through my stories.
    The chill breeze flapped my window blinds recklessly while the florescent twitched. I reached for my windows to prevent further discomfort by the storm. It resisted my assistance in shorting it so i struggled with it until i was soaked. The usual silence of my house was not what i needed this night. I decided leaving the windows open so as to feel alive once again. The rain dripped into my house but i didn’t care anymore. I watched the rain subside before looking at the decorative stars. I closed my eyes for some seconds and then i saw a car drive in and a tall figure walked out and waved at me. I waved back in scepticism. I had not invited anyone to my house so i guess he was an uninvited guest. I moved downstairs to find more about him and just then,i discovered it was my husband. I pulled into his embrace,i couldn’t believe my eyes. Its been so long we had been apart and seeing him again was like magic. At that point,no questions could pop up, i just had to enjoy the moment. Questions could wait for later. He walked me to my sit and placed my sit belt on before moving to his. We drove for half an hour discussing about several things like we normally did. I missed his silly jokes. We stopped in front of a port. It looked like a party was going to hold on the ship. This was my first wish when we first got married and he asked me to make one when we saw a shooting star. We were young adults,he was about 22yrs old while i was 19. My heart skipped when he led me to the ship and it started moving down the sea. His eyes was honey brown and i just stared in surprise. Before he left,he promised to make my wish come true and now he was fulfilling it. He took out a bag and showed me the bathroom to change. A tear rolled down my cheeks seeing how beautiful the gown was. It was a red dinner gown with silver stones on it. Its fish shape design made me look like a queen. I put on the jewelries also. I packed my hair in a bun while my red lipstick glowed. I almost fell flat on my face when i saw him staring at me intensely like i was snack as i walked out of the bathroom and towards him. He was the most handsome man standing there. His perfectly barbed hair and fitted suit made him look like dinner. I didn’t feel like eating seeing him. He took me in his arms as the cool breeze of the night and the whoosh sound of the sea made the atmosphere more romantic than ever. He walked me to a silent area adorned with beautiful red roses placed around a well decorated dinner table. I smiled when my eyes took note of my best meal placed on the table. He grabbed my palms and led me to my sit before taking his. He was always sweet. I missed him and i was happy he was back. We discussed about our youth over our meal. The first day we met was a special day. I had gone for a party with my friends,he walked up to woo me but just like the arrogant girl that i was,i made a joke of him, completely embarrassing him. He walked out and i thought he had given up but he walked up to me and asked me for a dance. I loved persistent guys so i agreed. When we reached the dance floor he moved closer to me and whispered “April fool….you ain’t fine enough”…his friends burst into laughter and i felt like falling into a volcano. We kept bumping into each other after finding out that we were attending the same college. We discovered our feelings for each other on a rainy night when the rain had calmed just like today. That day,i was almost run over by a faulty vehicle but he saved my life and got his leg broken. I stayed with him at the hospital and couldn’t help but fall in love with my hero. It was a funny discussion so we kept laughing over our meal until a beautiful song began playing …it was edsheeran’s “give me love”…my heart felt heavy.. he remembered my best artist also. He took my hand and we danced the night away until our legs ached. He placed a silver necklace around my neck. I stared at it in recognition,it was same as the one he had given me on our first valentine together. Tears rolled down my face and i noticed he just kept on smiling without saying a word. I reached out to tap him but he vanished and just then i opened my eyes and discovered i was staring outside my window.

    It was still raining and i was totally soaked and so was my room. It needed mopping. I horridly closed the windows and fell to the ground in recognition that it was only an imagination. My loneliness was starting to cause me brain disorder. It has been 2yrs since i lost my husband in a car accident on a rainy night and so the sight of the rain draws me back. I miss his voice. But now all i can hear is my voice. Coming to keep me company was his thing and he still did it even when he is dead. No matter how much i shout or cry i will never hear his voice. The tears flowing down my face is enough for me to wash a whole pile of cloth. A little hand wiped my tears so i looked up. I hugged my son. I totally forgot i was not alone,i had his baby with me. He looked totally like his father so i guess it is both of us going on the date night.


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