Editing – Part 2

Last week I posted about Macro editing and how I go about starting the editing phase in my writing. Once I’ve gotten all the big picture elements edited properly, I move on to the finer details. Micro-editing is typically called the line edit. This is where you will check grammar, language, clarity, sound, repitition, continuity, … More Editing – Part 2

Editing – Part 1

I have just recently finished a first draft of my novel and am in the editing/revision stages, so I thought this would be a good week to discuss my editing process. This will be a two part blog with part one being Macro-editing and part two being Micro-editing. Part two will be published next Monday … More Editing – Part 1

World Building

There are a few major elements to consider when beginning a new creative writing piece and one of those is world building. It’s crucial to your story, whether it’s 100 words long or 100,000 words long. While Fantasy was created to escape the reality of everyday life, readers want your world to be as realistic … More World Building