Creative Writing: Awkward

This post is in response to this post: ~~~ Riley walked to her car in the Target parking lot. She reached into her pocket, her fingers fumbling around for her keys. Holding her heavy bags in one hand, she pressed the unlock button on her remote and waited for the car to unlock. Nothing. She … More Creative Writing: Awkward

The Cursed

Hey guys.   So, I didn’t finish editing this piece, but I wanted to let you read it anyways. This is a truly rough rough draft, but I hope you enjoy it. I have made some edits to it, but you won’t see those in this version as keep two different copies of each story … More The Cursed

Finding Pam

Hey y’all. I wrote this short story for a writing competition last month which is the first competition I’ve ever submitted to. I didn’t win, but I learned a ton and made some really cool new writer friends. I would definitely encourage any one wanting to get better at writing to try a competition at … More Finding Pam

The secret

Hey guys. WHOOPSIES! I totally forgot to post this yesterday. My Bad! So, this short story was actually supposed to be a scene from a book that I’m writing but I think I’ve decided not to include it in the final draft. (Well, I don’t really know yet). Anyways, it still needs to be heavily … More The secret