Summer 2018 Writing Contest: Find out how to submit!

Word limit – 1500 words or less.  Entry fee – Absolutely nothing. It’s FREE! Prize – 1st place: $20 and featured on 2nd place: $10 and featured on Everyone who enters will recieve feedback on their stories.  Submissions due: July 9, 2018 How it will work: You write a story within the wordcount … More Summer 2018 Writing Contest: Find out how to submit!


As writers, we all have different processes and preferences. I happen to be really drawn to structure. I tend to be way more productive when I know what to expect. For that reason, I enjoy plotting. So today, here are some ways to plot your story. Take what you will and find what works best … More Plotting


Hey guys! Your submissions for the kwriley summer writing contest are due by the end of today! Please submit your short stories! I would love to read them. There is no entry fee, but there is a cash prize. Thanks for reading. KWR

Word of the week

Hey guys. The word for the week is FAIR. You can use it anyway you like, but make sure to link/tag this post in your published post so that I can see it. I’ll pick a few great ones next Thursday to feature here at Have fun. Thanks for reading, KWR